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BacteOFF is a spray of herbal ingredients against parasites.

The spray is effective in action, cleans from all types of helminths, their remaining larvae and waste. Research and reviews confirm no side effects.

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You can order a new drug against parasites in Germany through the official website. Price €39. Fill in the blank fields of the online order form. Enter your name and phone number. The operator of the company will call you to clarify the details. Promotion - have time to get it with a 50% discount.

Parasites in the human body

Today, parasitic worms (better known as worms or helminths) are a common problem for all mankind.

Statistics confirm that most of the world's population is infected with parasites. One part of which is regularly undergoing therapy for re-infection. The other does not know about her illness at all. Worms have a tendency to hide asymptomatically for many years.

In order to combat such parasites, scientists from different parts of the world have invented a lot of drugs. One of which is BacteOFF.

BacteOFF action - complete elimination of parasites at an affordable price

BacteOFF is a new spray against parasites. The price of the original product is €39 and view the cost in other countries. Natural composition. As active ingredients were selected components of exclusively plant origin.

The innovative formula of the spray was developed by scientists in such a way that, when it enters the human body, it has a direct negative effect on all existing parasites, their eggs and larvae.

The active components of the spray stimulate the formation of urine, bile secretions and digestion. Thus, they help to cleanse the body of the existing helminths in the intestines, as well as from other organs, from which they are extremely difficult to expel by traditional methods.

The drug has a mild laxative effect. It promotes physical elimination of parasites and complete detoxification of the body from the negative effects of worms.

Signs of helminth disease and reasons to start treatment:

Abdominal pain due to worms

Innovative biotechnology and advances in health care scientists have combined plant extracts to create a formula that is effective against various parasites. At the same time, it does not harm the human body.

Application of the spray increases the protective properties of the immune system, restores organs damaged by worms.

BacteOFF formula - active ingredients of plant origin

BacteOFF Spray - Benefits of the Drug for the Whole Family

BacteOFF protected the family from parasites and worms


Roundworms (pinworms, roundworms), lamblia or chlamydia. BacteOFF has a destructive effect on all types of helminths, contributes to 100% destruction of parasites. Eliminates the need to buy a lot of highly targeted funds.

Natural composition

Due to the absence of chemistry in the composition, this drug against parasites does not have a negative effect on healthy cells of the body. Does not contain GMOs.


Proven no side effects. Can be used to treat the whole family, including children.

2in1 Complex

In addition to its medicinal properties for removing helminths, bacteOFF spray simultaneously has a healing effect on the entire body. Normalizes the digestive tract, boosts the immune system.

Buy a natural preparation BacteOFF - get a versatile, effective and side effects free parasite spray, safe for the whole family. BacteOFF is a completely natural herbal extract that quickly eliminates parasites and problems associated with toxins or residual waste, eggs and larvae. The product has all the necessary certificates and has successfully passed the quality, efficiency and safety test. BacteOFF is very beneficial and convenient for the whole family.

Is it possible to buy a spray in Germany and how to order

To order BacteOFF spray (delivery - Germany, fill in the blank fields in the online order form. Enter your name and phone number for communication. A company specialist will call you, specify the details and delivery address, advise on the product.

Do not prepay and beware of scammers. The original drug against parasites BacteOFF can be bought only through the official website.

Doctor's review

Doctor Therapist of the highest category Tomas Tomas
Therapist of the highest category
17 years
I have been working in the field of medicine and health care in Germany for over 20 years. What diseases didn’t just have to face. Oddly enough, the problem of helminth infection is one of the most common. And also - hidden. It can only be identified after passing the appropriate analysis. If helminths are found, I recommend to patients a three-month course of taking BacteOFF. The bacteOFF spray is a natural preparation that effectively removes parasites and is harmless to health. No side effects, can be used to prevent re-infection with parasites.